Huacuya or Suri

The alpaca is a domesticated species of South American camelid. They are often confused with the llama of which it is related.

There are two breeds of alpaca: Huacuya (wa-kai-a) and Suri (sur-ry). 

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Alpaca Fiber

The Huacuya breed has a dense, highly crimped fleece that stands straight off the body.

The Suri breed has longer staple length fleece which is straighter with less crimp.

Alpaca fiber is "stronger than mohair . . ." "finer than cashmere . . ." "smoother than silk . . ." "softer than cotton . . ." "warmer than goose down or the new synthetic fabrics like Gortex," and "breathes better than thermal knits." 

Products of the Fiber

Skilled fiber artist spin, knit, crochet and weave alpaca fiber into many forms of clothing to provide soft, luxurious hypoallergenic products. 

Our Herd

Bumble Bee


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How Much is Alpaca Fiber Worth?

Alpaca Owner's Association

The AOA website is chock full of information about alpaca's and their luscious, soft fiber. 

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